San Diego Tax Lawyers Win Offer in Compromise!

To begin 2016, our taxpayer received a letter from the IRS stating she owed over $35,000 in back taxes and more with each passing day. The letter was accompanied with a threat to garnish her only sources of income – social security, retirement pension and savings account. We were hired to appeal the garnishment as it would have resulted in the loss of her home and ability to pay everyday living expenses.

We fulfilled our short-term goal and stopped the garnishment. However, Dallo Law Group had a long-term goal in mind…settling this burdensome tax debt. After ensuring our taxpayer was in current tax compliance we proposed a settlement of $1,000. A combination of our tax planning, negotiation and years of experience resulted in an accepted offer! Our taxpayer’s income is no longer subject to garnishment and she is able to able to move forward with some peace of mind!