Fully Relieved of Sales Tax Liability Debt

In 2021, Dallo Law Group was retained to assist in a sales tax liability case. Our client was personally assessed a tax bill of $63,394. To make matters worse, this situation originated from her ex-husband’s business that had been audited, and later it was determined that he owed back sales taxes from merchandise he had sold.

Unfortunately, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) got our client involved in this mess because she had helped her ex-husband pay some of the business’s old bills. However, the payments were forced from her because of the abusive relationship. Furthermore, she did not qualify for innocent spouse relief. This statute explains the various ways a spouse can disentangle from the tax trouble your partner put you in. It also provides you relief from additional tax you owe if your spouse or former spouse failed to report income, reported income improperly or claimed improper deductions or credits. Unfortunately for our client, she could not absolve herself from the tax debt, and therefore she sought our help.

Our experienced attorneys at Dallo Law Group came to the rescue. We submitted a claim for Equitable Relief under CA R&TC 6456, a rather difficult request to attain because of the many conditions that need to be met. We were not deterred and went hard to work to align all the factors. The CDTFA are well known to be difficult to work with and ruthlessly go after back taxes. In the end however, Dallo Law Group successfully led our client to victory. Much to her relief, after the negotiating skills of our team and the intricate knowledge we have to piece information together, our attorneys were able to completely absolve her tax bill for $63,394.