Dallo Law Group Wins on Innocent Spouse Claim!

Dallo_Blog-Download-Image_300X350At the end of the financial crisis, our taxpayer was tricked into signing a tax return that owed more than $80,000 they could not pay. No sooner was the ink dry on the tax return than the spouse filed for divorce. Over time, this tax debt grew to over $100,000, leaving the taxpayer stuck with a bill they would never be able to resolve.

We were hired initially to negotiate a payment plan and put the taxpayer back on track. But seeing an opportunity, we shifted our strategy to eliminate the ex-spouse debt entirely. Our core strategy of attacking problems like this from an administrative level (as a CPA would do) and from a legal perspective (as attorneys) gives us multiple strategies to conquer taxes. Being able to see tax returns from both perspectives gives us a clear edge.

Using the IRS Innocent Spouse tax relief rules, we intervened. We stopped the garnishments and levies, pursued the innocent spouse claim, and reduced the tax bill by completely eliminating $41,113 in tax, additional interest, and penalties incurred by the deadbeat spouse. After 8 years of living under threat of the IRS, our taxpayer has finally been able to put their divorce behind them.