Another Major Win For Our Clients

In early 2019, our clients faced a massive IRS bill for over $47,000. After exhausting their efforts and getting nowhere seeking tax relief from the IRS, the taxpayers sought our assistance with the collections actions they were being harassed with. Of course, we are all faced with life’s hurdles and misfortunes. Unfortunately, these taxpayers had acquired some huge medical bills due to the wife’s condition and therefore, had a particularly hard time with facing this new IRS tax bill. They had even tried filing for bankruptcy, but regrettably tax debt does not get discharged through this process.

For some perspective, actions that the IRS can impose to obtain collection can include:

The IRS definitely always wants to work with those owing them money; however, if you do not partner up with the right professionals to help you get to the most favorable outcome, it could be to your detriment. First, you may be paying way over what you may actually owe in back taxes from unfiled tax returns. Secondly, you may enter into an unfeasible tax payment plan that causes you hardship and further tax penalties.

After these taxpayers retained our attorneys at Dallo Law Group, we held off the IRS collections process and began the resolution procedures to get things straight with the agency. One of our clients’ major concerns was to protect their modest 401k balance, which in the end was safely untouched by the IRS’s collections actions. In addition, our San Diego-based tax attorneys negotiated an offer-in-compromise much to the relief of our clients who in the end only owed a reduced balance amount of $2278 to fully satisfy their tax debt. Their tax savings coupled with their peace of mind reinforced their wise decision to reach out to Dallo Law Group. We pursued their options, fiercely negotiated on their behalf, and added another awesome victory to our slate!