The Need for Tax Attorneys for Tax Resolution

Sometimes during life there are particular circumstances that you may face that require the expertise of a tax attorney.  In fact, any IRS tax matter can be complicated and crucial enough where outside help in resolving it is makes the only sense.  Moreover, depending on what is at stake, you should know that a tax attorney is one of only three professionals, the other two being a CPA and enrolled agents, who has the authority to represent you before the IRS.

Although a small practice, our team at Dallo Law Group offers full service in debt negotiations and tax resolution matters and can help an individual, small business, corporation, and any size association taxpayers.  We offer a free consultation where we can sit down with you and evaluate your particular circumstances.  Rest assured that if we conclude that we cannot help you, we will not take on your case to begin with.

When and why you need a tax attorney can seem confusing.  Among some of the following IRS dilemmas that you may be facing would call for our service.

IRS Tax Disputes

At one point or another, we will all be subjected to an IRS audit.  Depending on the complexity and the amount owed which is under dispute, your best option is to seek the help of a tax attorney.  Communication routes with IRS agents are notoriously difficult now more so than ever before.  For this specific reason alone it is probably the wisest choice to have a tax attorney on your side.  These individuals hold expertise in areas such as settlement options, direct negotiation paths, and offers in compromise all of which may prove frustrating trying to obtain on your own.

Criminal Offenses

If you are pursed for criminal charges by the IRS, there really is no other alternative for you than to hire a tax attorney.  The worst outcome would be for you to go to jail for the tax evasion you are charged with.  Thus, hiring a tax attorney could lessen or even eliminate the jail time and/or could help reduce penalties and efficiently establish appropriate corrective actions.

Privilege and Knowledge

Under federal law, the attorney-client privilege can be a huge asset for you.  First, it is important to understand that a conversation between yourself and a CPA does not carry this added protection.  Therefore, while an attorney is exempt from testifying against you, your CPA could actually be compelled to in a trial.

Furthermore, a tax attorney can communicate on your behalf whether in court or through other means, which essentially eliminates you having to do so.  In turn, you can mitigate this extra stress and frustration and still be sure that your best interests are in mind.

Choosing to work with a tax attorney ensures that you will be hiring someone with good and up-to-date knowledge about tax codes and laws and the familiarity with the typical process that is required in order to achieve speedy and favorable results.  Not hiring a tax attorney because you may think you and your CPA could tackle the problem could cost you in wasted time, money, and even perhaps jail time.

Working with Us

Complex tax matters call for experienced and ethical tax attorneys to help you through the steps to final resolution.  Dallo Law Group understands the deadlines and particulars which are needed to be met with the IRS to resourcefully conclude your tax matter.  All of our seasoned tax attorneys are CPAs as well, which adds to our equitable, expert, and principled work approach with all our clients.

Often there are a few solutions that can be right for your particular tax problem.  Dallo Law Group can help to first identify and educate you on the exact matter and penalties associated with your circumstance.  Then we work with you to explain each step along with the pros and cons that go with it; you will never be in the dark.  Throughout the ordeal you can remain confident that our competence will soon resolve your tax matter and allow you to move on with your life.