Testimonial 1: Jamesa S.

Dallo Law Group saved me thousands!! I was very distressed and confused when I contacted Dallo Law Group. Kevin Waldron, answered my call and quickly calmed me down. He was confident and patient. He listened carefully to my issues and then stepped into action...

- Jamesa S.

Testimonial 2: Caitlin M.

I've never seen a Yelp page for lawyers! Coby is a real person that is not only kind and responsive, but genuinely cares about his work. As a professional, I would feel comfortable having Coby help my family out with tax and corporate guidance.

- Caitlin M.

Testimonial 3: Kris H.

I called the law firm with some tax questions but didn't really need to engage a lawyer. I spoke with Coby who talked with me. He used language and terms I could understand. He took his time answering my questions and was very knowledgeable. Should I ever need legal tax representation, I'm calling Dallo Law Group. Grateful...

- Kris H.

Testimonial 4: Joy H.

A huge shout out to Kevin who answered all my questions in a most professional and fast way. Thank you Kevin! I definitely know more now. :)

- Joy H.

Testimonial 5: Daniel P.

Really refreshing to talk with Kevin, one of the attorneys at the firm. He listened and offered clear advice and information without being pushy or dismissive. This kind of initial consultation and friendly approach is what will keep them in mind if I need their services in the future.

- Daniel P.

Sienna P.

Excellent and knowledgeable attorneys! They were able to answer all my questions in a very easy to understand way and were extremely professional and conscientious. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for tax help!

- Sienna P.

Michael L.

We came in very panicked due to owing $819,214.00 to the IRS but your cautious yet optimistic assurances helped calm us and left us with no doubts in hiring you. Your expertise got us through a dreadfully scary episode of our lives. Michael ended our case with receiving a refund of $147.00 from the IRS!

- Michael L.

Belen G.

Attorney Dallo is a great tax lawyer in San Diego. For five years, I tried to get the largest tax refund I was owed. I was not successful. With their help, I received my tax refund check from the IRS in just six months. Dallo Law Group was competent and helpful. Highly recommended. Gracias!

- Belen G.

Charles S.

Michael helped settle an almost 10 year old CA state tax debt. I feel like he always had my best interest in mind. He helped me navigate the process and in the end reduced a $42k debt to a $6k settlement! Highly recommended!

- Charles S.

Phil W.

I had been trying to settle my taxes with the IRS for a few years. I had a Pit Bull IRS Collection Agent that was taking money out of my business accounts. Utlimately, Dallo Law settled my $170k of tax debt for only $1,000! Thanks DLG!

- Phil W.