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Unfiled Tax Returns: resolving your tax debt

Unfiled tax returns can fill you with anxiety and make it hard to sleep at night; ignoring the problem could end up in major tax problems, including tax levies on your wages, tax liens and garnishes. If you haven’t filed your back taxes, our expert San Diego tax attorneys can get you back on track and settled with the last possible amount of money.

There are two main goals for every taxpayer when filing his or her tax return:

  1. How can I minimize my tax liability?
  2. How can I protect my return from possible audit?

Dallo Law Group can help you prepare and file your tax returns as well as achieve these important tax goals!

Our expert tax attorneys can help you both resolve your unfiled tax returns and Minimize Tax

As a taxpayer, you should never have to pay a penny more than you are required to pay by law.  The San Diego tax lawyers of Dallo Law Group are trained, experienced, and educated in the tax laws and have helped hundreds of clients prepare their tax returns with a minimum tax liability. Beware of tax return preparers and software companies that offer to prepare your tax returns. These preparers are not necessarily well versed in the tax laws and they often lack the knowledge and expertise to determine your minimum tax liability allowed by the tax laws. Tax return preparation is more than just plugging numbers on a tax return.  Preparing a tax return with the goals of minimizing your tax liability and protecting your return from audit requires the technical experience of a CPA and the analytical abilities of a tax attorney.  The tax attorneys of Dallo Law Group possess both skills!

Preparing tax returns requires a careful analysis of your income, deductions, and financial transactions to determine how to properly characterize those items on your return. Contact the tax attorneys of Dallo Law Group for a consultation.

Protection From IRS tax Audit

The filing of your tax return is completely voluntary. This means that the IRS will accept the return that you have filed with them often without any questions asked. However, your filed tax returns are always subject to audit and therefore it is imperative that the amounts reported on your tax return can be supported by the tax laws and by your financial records. We are well educated in the tax laws and experienced in the audit process and will use those skills when preparing your tax returns to help protect your return from an unfavorable audit.

Unfiled Tax Return Help

Whether you are filing your taxes late, have unfiled tax returns, or just have questions regarding the IRS statute of limitations — allow our team to assist you in any unfiled tax returns or back tax refunds. There are multiple reasons taxes may go unfiled and often, result in failure to file penalties. In these cases, it even more important to work with an experienced tax defense attorney!

Why Dallo Law Group for your san diego tax attorney?

We have prepared favorable tax returns for hundreds of clients for over ten years. We are experienced in preparing state and federal income tax returns, estate and gift tax returns, payroll tax returns, among others. Whether you are an individual with straightforward income or a corporation with complex items and tax adjustments, our tax lawyers can help you prepare your tax returns!

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