Penalty Abatement: expert san diego tax attorneys can help you get relief

Tax penalties are what deter many taxpayers from taking aggressive positions on their tax returns. It is often the case that the tax penalties that the IRS assesses against the taxpayer exceeds the amount of tax owed. If you fail to timely file your tax return, if your tax return is inaccurate, if you have made a valuation error on your tax return, or if you are considered a responsible person for payroll taxes, the IRS may, and will, assess disastrous penalties against you.

Contrary to popular belief, that is not the end of the story. While the IRS has significant power to assess penalties against the taxpayer, the Internal Revenue Code provides for certain exceptions to most penalties. Dallo Law Group has conducted extensive research in the area of penalty abatement and knows how to apply the facts of your penalty tax case to the law. Because penalty abatement is very fact specific and intensive, it is crucial that a proper analysis is done and presented to the IRS.

While many tax professionals have read the Internal Revenue Code provisions regarding penalties, Dallo Law Group is unique in that we are trained and educated in understanding how these provisions work and we have the legal skills necessary to write an argumentative legal brief on the issue and are experienced in tax negotiation with the IRS and the Department of Justice. Both skills are necessary to get the best possible results for you!

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