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When you file a joint return for your spouse, you become jointly and severely liable for any tax owed to the IRS that year. This means that the IRS can come after you personally to collect the tax, even if the unpaid tax is completely attributable to your spouse or former spouse. This can be an especially disastrous situation if you have been abandoned by your spouse and you are now responsible for paying the entire tax bill. Fortunately, there are special provisions in the Internal Revenue Code (Innocent Spouse provisions) which provide relief for spouses who filed a joint return yet don’t believe they should be held responsible for the tax bill.


Rarely are innocent spouse cases restricted to couples that are divorced. That was the case when our client came to us with a huge tax bill that had exploded into $100,000 of money owed to the IRS because of her spouse, who became her ex-spouse after the tax return was signed off. The IRS had even begun garnishments and levies against our client. We were swift in our strategy and were able to acquire Innocent Spouse Tax Relief and reduced the bill to nearly half of what it originally ballooned to.

Instead of merely setting up a reasonable payment plan for our client, we saw an opportunity to mitigate the tax bill and fought hard to get to the best final number given the circumstances. Now our client can go on with life without her ex and with a greatly reduced and more manageable financial situation.

san diego tax attorneys can help prove you deserve tax relief

While special relief is provided under the tax laws, it is imperative that you hire a tax lawyer to assist you with your innocent spouse claims. The innocent spouse provisions require a thorough and in-depth analysis of the facts and circumstances surrounding your claim and these facts must be applied to the law in order to formulate a legal argument as to why you should be provided relief under the Internal Revenue Code.

Failure to apply the facts to the law as required by the tax laws will result in denial of your innocent spouse claim. Also, a qualified tax lawyer is trained to anticipate and respond to any counter arguments that your spouse (or former spouse) might make regarding your innocent spouse claims.

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