What is a Tax Crime in California?

There are two main groups of tax crimes: (1) tax crimes relating to the filing of a tax return and (2) tax crimes for failing to file a tax return. Under these two groups, the IRS and the Department of Justice (DOJ) has the power to enforce many tax crimes under the Internal Revenue Code. In addition to tax crimes under the Internal Revenue Code, the federal government often enforces other white collar crimes against taxpayers, such as mail and wire fraud, perjury, and money laundering.

How Serious is a Tax Crime?

Most tax crimes are felonies and carry with the possibility significant prison sentences and in some cases, forfeiture and seizure of your property. The most serious tax crime under the Internal Revenue Code is tax evasion which carries a maximum prison sentence of six years. In addition to significant prison sentences, the conviction of a money laundering or structuring crime may result in forfeiture and seizure.

If the IRS or Department of Justice (DOJ) has contacted me, do I need to respond?

As a taxpayer, you are constitutionally protected from making any incriminating statement to the
government under fear of criminal prosecution. While your constitutional rights are significant, these rights must be asserted and you may not be permitted to simply ignore the IRS or DOJ. If you simply ignore the IRS and the DOJ, a summons may be issued to you and you will be required by the court to disclose information to the government. Furthermore, not every question or inquiry by the IRS or DOJ is protected under this privilege. Dallo Law Group is experienced and trained to know what is protected and how to secure your rights! You should never communicate with the IRS unless you have competent representation. Contact us for a consultation!

Why Should I Hire Dallo Law Group?

First and foremost, all conversations with the tax attorneys of Dallo Law Group are protected under the attorney-client privilege. This means that all confidential conversations with us will never be disclosed to
anyone, especially not to the IRS, DOJ, or in court. ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** Conversations with certified public accountants (CPA) and other tax professionals are not likewise protected and these professionals may be forced to disclose conversations you may have had with them during tax return preparation or an audit. For this reason, you should consider consulting Dallo Law Group or another qualified tax attorney to assist you in tax return preparation and for audit representation in additional to criminal tax representation.

Secondly, as tax attorneys, we understand all the nuances and complexities of the tax laws and know and can apply all the rights and privileges that are available to taxpayers in criminal tax matters. More importantly, we know how to apply the facts of your case to the relevant tax laws and achieve the greatest results for you!

Best Criminal Tax Lawyer in San Diego

Criminal tax matters require specialized and unique negotiation tactics to achieve the best results. As certified public accountants and tax attorneys, we know how to navigate through your tax return, apply the tax laws to the case, and present a compelling argument as to why the crime or penalty that the IRS or DOJ is seeking to impose is unwarranted, inapplicable, or excessive. We are qualified, experienced, and trained to deal with the government regarding your criminal tax matter.