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Welcome to the Dallo Law Group, your trusted firm for top-notch tax representation in San Marcos and its neighboring areas. If you’re dealing with intricate tax issues, our team of highly qualified and experienced tax attorneys is here to provide effective solutions tailored to your needs. From navigating complex tax codes to resolving disputes with the IRS, we have a strong track record of achieving positive outcomes for our clients. Count on our extensive knowledge of tax laws and unwavering commitment to your success as we work tirelessly to safeguard your financial interests. When it comes to resolving your tax matters, our San Marcos tax attorneys are the experts you can rely on. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation, and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Our ExpertisE

At Dallo Law Group, we specialize exclusively in resolving tax-related matters. Our team comprises both accomplished attorneys and skilled CPA professionals, boasting decades of combined experience. Whether you need assistance with an IRS tax audit or require help with tax penalty abatement, dealing with back taxes, IRS liens, or tax levies, we tirelessly advocate for your best interests. Our approach is tenacious, exploring every possible angle to devise the most effective strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

Federal Tax Compliance and IRS Representation – IRS Audits

What sets Dallo Law Group apart from other firms is our team-based approach combined with a deep understanding of the IRS’s workings and a comprehensive range of services. When faced with IRS-related issues, we meticulously analyze every angle to develop a strategy that serves you best. Time is of the essence when responding to an IRS notice, as the clock is already ticking. Swift action, along with clear and precise communication on your behalf, can often prevent future complications from arising.

The intricacies of IRS documents can be bewildering, especially when one lacks familiarity with the underlying tax statutes. Many individuals file their tax returns without fully comprehending the schedules and publications associated with them. At Dallo Law Group, we specialize in dissecting these forms, ensuring accurate reporting and compliance. Our professionals possess extensive knowledge of the myriad IRS forms, even when the agency revises them annually to incorporate changes in tax rules. Staying up-to-date with these developments is our priority, guaranteeing peace of mind for you.

It comes as no surprise that tax fraud is a criminal offense. IRS tax auditors are adept at detecting irregularities and common missteps. A mere oversight on your tax return might result in a 20% penalty on your tax bill. Although the IRS may grant leniency on occasion, there is also the possibility of facing civil fines and penalties or even having your case referred to the IRS’s criminal investigation division. Should you find yourself in hot water, intentionally or unintentionally, rest assured that Dallo Law Group is here to offer assistance.

When notified of an audit, panic is not the solution. Collaborating with us at Dallo Law Group is the most effective way to address an audit. Furthermore, we can help you strategize to limit the scope of the auditor’s examination, as well as the number of years under scrutiny. Organizing your financial information meticulously can increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Should the audit escalate, our expertise in federal and state tax laws ensures a smoother appeals process and hearing. Trust us to alleviate the stress of a taxing audit, aiming for the best possible outcome.

Business Tax Help: Calculate Business or Self-Employment Taxes

California businesses confront a challenging and intricate tax environment. Dallo Law Group provides valuable counsel on a range of matters, including selecting the optimal business structure, understanding the tax implications of each option, and devising strategies to minimize the impact of various taxes. This includes corporate business tax, income tax, self-employment tax, payroll taxes, and capital gains taxes. Our attorneys also excel in representing businesses in disputes over worker classification as “employees” or “independent contractors,” which carries significant tax consequences for both parties. Additionally, we offer expert guidance to both buyers and sellers of businesses at any stage of the process.

Other Tax Services

Dallo Law Group extends its representation to various tax matters, including handling the Foreign Bank Account Report regulations for US residents across the nation. We have successfully represented numerous clients accused by the IRS of failing to file the required foreign bank account report.

Moreover, our team possesses extensive knowledge of California State tax laws, covering aspects such as residency changes, conducting business in California, and navigating tax matters with the Franchise Tax Board (FTB)Employment Development Department (EDD), and State Board of Equalization (SBE). Our experienced tax attorneys serve clients throughout San Diego County, Orange County, and all of California, ensuring seamless compliance.

Lastly, Dallo Law Group has a proven track record of representing individuals, businesses, and tax preparers facing potential criminal investigation by the IRS or the US Department of Justice. Our attorneys level the playing field, drawing from vast experience and understanding of the law enforcement agencies responsible for prosecuting tax offenses. Armed with these skills, we confidently tackle even the most complex cases, achieving outstanding results for our clients – sometimes even persuading the government to terminate investigations. Contact our San Marcos tax attorneys now for a consultation!