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Dallo Law Group is a boutique tax law firm that focuses exclusively on tax problem resolution.  Founder Michael Dallo is an Orange County and Southern California tax attorney who holds an advanced Masters of Laws Degree in Taxation, is a CPA, Certified Tax Law Specialist, and a Professor of Taxation at the University of San Diego.  Michael oversees all the cases that come into the firm and meets with every client.  As an Orange County tax lawyer, he has extensive experience in developing creative legal solutions for your tax problems.  As a CPA, he is never blind-sided by twists on tax returns. When it matters, be sure your representative has a successful track record and all the skills needed to stop the IRS and protect your assets. We are consistently rated as one of the best tax attorneys in Southern California and are endorsed by political analysts and hosts of AM 600 KOGO.

When you trust Dallo Law Group to protect your assets and reduce your tax liability, you can rest assured we see the whole picture, never quit, and never accept no for an answer.  We exhaust every possible avenue and keep you honestly informed about what to expect from the IRS.  Whatever you are facing, our Orange County tax experts have dealt with it before.  Whether you have been notified of an IRS tax audit, want to file an IRS audit appeal, owe back taxes, or have failed to report foreign bank accounts to the IRS,  or need the assistance of an international tax attorney, we can help you, as we have helped thousands of others.  You have a lot on the line and deserve a fresh start; selecting the right tax lawyer and CPA can mean all the difference in solving your tax problems.

When your assets and your future are on the line, you need a dedicated tax law firm with a complete arsenal of weapons to combat the IRS and the State of California.  CPAs don’t have the training in toe-to-toe negotiation and complex legal interpretation that you can expect from a good tax attorney.  But attorneys don’t have the background in analyzing tax returns line by line, which can put them at the mercy of the IRS.  To win the best possible outcome for your case, you need a firm focused only on tax problem resolution, comprised of experienced attorneys and a supervising founder and senior tax experts who are both attorneys and CPAs.



Tax Services

Because we are both tax attorneys and CPAs, we can handle all types of tax resolution cases, from start to finish.  Here are some common tax services that the Orange County tax attorneys of Dallo Law Group provides to our clients:

California EDD Audits

Employment Development Department (EDD) tax audits are a stressful process. It is no wonder the state of California has one of the largest state departments in the country which oversee the proper administration of payroll taxes. That means they want to ensure the proper calculations, exceptions, and exemptions are being utilized and the special rules for each are adhered to. It is important to note the EDD is not the IRS; therefore, California statutes are different and that means your typical IRS tax attorney may not be best suited to assist you with this audit.

Dallo Law Group is unique in that our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced with the California EDD. In fact through the years, we have successfully guided individuals and businesses through EDD audits. Our attorneys and CPAs are so seasoned in these tax-related matters that we can also help to mitigate the chances of any triggers that would begin this audit in the first place.

California Franchise Tax Board Audits

The California Franchise Board (FTB) has the job of the correct collection of personal and corporate tax in the state. Its mission includes the timely and accurate filings of tax that comply with the tax codes. Naturally, it is important that every individual and business pays their fair share because in turn, this allows the services of California to continue in an well-organized and uninterrupted manner. To this end, the FTB takes compliance very seriously; therefore, audits are routinely administered.

If you are facing a FTB audit, there could be several reasons why. Whatever may have triggered it, there is no easy way to get through the several steps of the process. Your best bet is to have representation to aid you with the cumbersome and often difficult to understand procedures. Dallo Law Group is a top choice to have by your side. Our professionals are well versed with the intricate targets to complete a FTB audit. We can efficiently get you through this process and guide you in the ways to bring you and your business towards tax compliance.

California Sales Tax & BOE Audits

The California Board of Equalization (BOE) is the government agency responsible for collecting and enforcing the state’s tax laws. Sales tax generates a large amount of funds for California and allows for the smooth running of the state. Because of this enormous responsibility, the BOE routinely audits retailers to make sure they are paying in the proper amounts of sales tax. In fact, if you are a business owner, we can guarantee you will face a BOE audit or two at some point.

Our attorneys and CPAs at Dallo Law Group can assist you in the preparation, post audit process and even the BOE appeal, if needed. A sales tax audit can be daunting and intricate, and it is not something you want to attempt getting through on your own. Among the areas which will be heavily scrutinized include the general ledger, state, federal, sales tax returns, in addition to sales and purchase invoices, among others. You want to be well prepared and our lawyers at Dallo Law Group can aid you from start to finish.

Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled tax returns are often not an easy fix, and when the IRS catches up with you, you can rest assured your life will be made miserable.  Besides the endless accruement of penalties and interest in back taxes, you are likely to have earned a bad credit history and eventually have your wages garnished.  In the end, you may be paying back way more than you actually owe since your tax returns have not been filed.  All in all, you may be putting your life on hold until you can get out of this predicament.

All hope is not lost though.  Dallo Law Group has assisted many clients catch up on their unfiled tax returns and plan out how to get their back taxes paid off.  Our team, which consists of tax professionals and attorneys, can get your back taxes finally filed and we also offer resolution work towards debt repayment that can greatly behoove your circumstances.  Our professionals have the goal to achieve tax compliance for you; therefore contact us right away to begin your tax resolution and get you straight with the IRS.

Tax Litigation

There are times when the IRS appeals process just is not enough to get you to a right and equitable place.  Whether you are a business or an individual and you are involved in a tax dispute, our team at Dallo Law Group can provide you with decades of experience in tax controversy and the litigation process.  We always have our client’s best interest in mind and can advocate energetically to defend you with your dispute.

We understand that sometimes negotiations are necessary, while other times we must fight.  Our attorneys at Dallo Law Group are experts at organizing facts and documents to strengthen your case and strategize for trial.  Our experience puts us ahead of others, because we best know the tax court rules.

Employee Retention Tax Credit

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) is a refundable credit that businesses can claim on qualified wages, including certain health insurance costs, paid to employees.  Although the credit ended back on September 30, 2021, businesses can still retroactively claim this credit which was issued during the COVID pandemic.

Our tax professionals at Dallo Law Group are experts in the CARES Act and particularly in the area of ERTC.  We can help you determine what wages qualify for this credit and how your business can claim these funds retroactively.  There is no reason you should lose out on claiming this credit.  We are here to navigate you through this multistep process which we are well versed in.

Why Hire an Orange County Tax Attorney?

If you happen to be facing tax problems, hiring a tax attorney will help you fight the IRS on your behalf and end the nightmare in as short a timeframe as possible.  No one wants to face tax liens on bank accounts or their home or wage garnishments.  Our expert attorneys have experience specifically dealing with IRS agents in Irvine, Orange County and the surrounding areas.

Dallo Law Group has a proven history of winning in Irvine and Orange County.  We have successfully fought off IRS bank holds and represented clients in a whole array of circumstances including innocent spouse releases, offer in compromises, and penalty abatements, among others.  Our team includes a diverse background of individuals with a wide and thriving track record.  Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation where we can discuss our strategies for you.

Contact Our Tax Attorneys

Navigation of the tax litigation process is a matter of having superior knowledge of tax court rules and presenting matters correctly with full documentation and the best organization.  Dallo Law Group’s top notch team has a reputation for performance and professionalism.  We attain the most favorable representation for our clients.  We currently have an office in Irvine to make it convenient for our clients.  Give us a call for a free consultation.

IRVINE Tax Lawyer FAQs

Do I Need a CPA or Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney is a state-bar exam qualified lawyer specialized in the legal aspect of taxation. Having vast expertise in tax law, tax attorneys are your best option in dealing with any potential legal matters related to taxes. In addition, they can defend your case in tax lawsuits.

On the other hand, CPAs could keep your account books in order, keep track of your finances, fulfill tax obligations, file tax returns, and provide auditing services. Since they hold thorough financial expertise, they can even advise their clients on financial planning to bring more significant monetary benefit.

When Should You Consult a Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney is a specialist in tax law and can help arrange client’s finances to optimize their tax situations.  You would likely need to hire a tax attorney if you need to handle legal disputes with the IRS.  Additionally, it is especially advisable to consult with a tax attorney for these situations:  estate planning, starting a business, tax disputes, and tax relief.

Do Tax Attorneys Really Help?

Tax attorneys can especially be of great assistance when it comes to resolving complex tax matters and provide the right and efficient guidance through an audit.  They can also represent you in tax court and save you money when you owe back taxes.  All these areas are complex and difficult for average individuals to tackle on their own.

How Much Does a Tax Attorney Cost?

There are many factors that go into how much a tax attorney will cost you, which can be anywhere from $500-$10,000 and even more.  Among these factors are the case type, the resolution type, and the length of time to resolve the matter. It is most prudent to speak about this area during your tax attorney consultation in order to have the best idea of the fee structure.  Ask many questions!

How Do I Choose the Best Tax Attorney?

Your best bet is to find the picks of the top-rated ones in the area. As we mentioned earlier, we have decades of expertise dealing with the local IRS officers in Orange County, covering Irvine, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Laguna Beach and other local cities.  You may also consult with the attorney’s bar association where at the very least you can find out if he/she is in good standing.  You want to make sure you work with someone that is a reputable professional.  Finally, take the time to read testimonials and reviews; oftentimes you can also find former clients from the area that can attest for the tax attorney’s work.


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