Dallo Law Group and overview of expertise

Have you received a notice from the IRS? Or an intent to audit your business from the FTB? There is no need to fret. Our Oceanside tax attorneys are seasoned professionals that can ensure just resolution to your tax problems. With decades worth of experience and multiple offices for your convenience, we are readily available with our always current expertise in all areas of tax laws, including the IRS statutes, international taxes and state agencies requirements. The tax law specialists at Dallo Law Group can mean all the difference towards saving you money and keeping you and your business in compliance so an issue will never arise with your financial records.

How Can an Oceanside Tax Attorney Help Me?

If you want the priceless feeling of a peace of mind, then teaming up with Dallo Law Group is the way to go. Tax relief and the assurance of impeccable tax and financial records are invaluable. Tax laws change on a frequent basis, and our attorneys at Dallo Law Group make it our number one priority to be up-to-date and in the know of every minute detail. Ignorance is certainly not bliss and can be the first step to an audit letter. Frankly, the IRS and the State of California do not care if you simply did not know about certain requirements.

Business and Tax Matters

When you own a business, the last thing you want is to miss out on all the deductions you may be entitled to. That’s where Dallo Law Group can be your best partner, as you want to optimize and offset your income with all the tax rules there are in your favor. Travel, new equipment, repairs and upgrades, may be deductible business expenses. However, each comes with very specific requirements which only a well versed tax attorney can help you uncover and apply.

California businesses face a complex and challenging tax environment. Dallo Law Group is equipped to help you select the right business type, such as LLC or corporation, among all the others, in order to reduce your tax burden. We can also assist you to minimize the impact of California corporate business tax, income tax, self-employment tax, payroll taxes, and capital gains taxes. Furthermore, we can represent you in a business audit including payroll classification disputes and income tax audits.

The Complex Nature of Internal Revenue Service Code

Tax law is not an easy specialty within the legal world, in fact, it is extremely complex. The Tax Foundation notes within the Tax Code are millions of words in length. These pages are filled with legalese and tax terms that can be difficult to translate into layman’s terms. Dallo Law Group can help bring to surface what is relevant for your circumstance and efficiently get you on the right path of compliance.

Additionally, not only is tax law difficult as is, it is often changing. This evolving nature makes it even more daunting to make sure that current tax law is applied in dealings with the IRS, which gives you another reason to have the right San Diego tax attorney by your side. Our lawyers at Dallo Law Group aim for you to do things right from the start. It makes no sense to have to dig yourself out of a hole which would end up costing you more in the long run. Let’s get things right from the get go.

IRS Tax Debt Relief

Dallo Law Group knows that IRS tax debts are emotionally draining, especially if you owe the IRS a large amount of money. If you have tax debt that is overdue, you can also be depleted of your savings and personal property when the IRS imposes a bank levy on your personal bank account. Contact our master negotiators at Dallo Law Group and do not wait for your tax problem to reach the point where the IRS reaches out and grabs your assets. Here are some ways we can seek relief for you:

  • Offer-in-Compromise (OIC): This repayment option allows the taxpayer to apply for a reduction of the amount owed, and may consist of penalty abatements, interest write-offs and partial reduction in the amount of taxes due. Typically, the taxpayer may need to pay the adjusted amount due in full at the time of agreement, or to make installment payments over a specified timeframe. Often, it is difficult to qualify for this program, especially without the expertise of a tax attorney.

  • IRS Payment Plans: In addition to the above, Dallo Law Group can negotiate an affordable monthly payment program designed for you. In this case, you agree to pay the full amount due in installments that fit your current budget until the debt is paid off. It is imperative you do not default on this agreement or the process starts all over again with increased penalties and interest and less opportunity for tax relief.On the other hand, we can seek out a partial payment installment agreement. In this case, you must be willing to provide accurate financial information for IRS review, as well as report any equity in assets that can be liquidated or sold to reduce or fully pay the amount of the outstanding liability. Finally, you must undergo a financial review every two years, and if it is noted that your financial condition has improved, the payments could be increased or the agreement could be canceled if the opposite.

  • Lien Removal: IRS tax lien issues and enforcement measures are all based on federal law. That is why it is so important to have the most experienced and knowledgeable tax relief attorneys on your side. Our expert Oceanside tax attorneys have been successful in the removal of thousands of liens that were imposed on our clients. Once you receive a notice that a lien is imminent, your best bet is to move fast in contacting us. Liens are serious problems as they can make it very hard for you to secure future credit and borrow against your property. Additionally, they can damage your credit so greatly, you would likely not even be able to secure a car loan.

International Tax Services

If you or your business is facing complex tax situations involving international income generating assets, offshore businesses, or other foreign earnings, you should contact Dallo Law Group immediately. We are committed to helping U.S. and international businesses capitalize on opportunities domestic and abroad with minimal international tax law implications.

  • Foreign Bank Accounts (OVDI): In February of 2011, the IRS announced a partial tax amnesty for owners of offshore financial accounts, and others who have failed to meet the disclosure requirements imposed on owners of foreign assets. This new partial tax amnesty dubbed the “Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative” (OVDI). Our expert Oceanside tax attorneys at Dallo Law Group know all the disclosures under OVDI and how they must be filed before IRS starts an inquiry, whether or not the scrutiny involves unreported foreign income or financial accounts.In a nutshell, U.S. residents and citizens are taxed on, and must report, all foreign income. There are foreign tax credits and certain exclusions for foreign earned income that may be claimed, but all foreign source income must be reported. Dallo Law Group can assist you with getting your records straight. Furthermore, OVDI addresses the failure to file FBARS or report foreign income from all sources. In addition to bank and financial account earnings, unreported business or investment income or profits, as well as real estate rents, are encompassed within the OVDI process.

Criminal Tax Services

If you are facing criminal tax charges or have concerns that a looming audit or criminal tax investigation is soon to be underway against you or your small business, you likely already know how serious your situation is. The worst thing to do is wait this procedure out. It would behoove you greatly to contact Dallo Law Group to help see you through your defense and offer out all the options available. We understand the stages of a tax audit, criminal tax investigation, tax crime indictment, and prosecution, as well as the red flags that may pique the interest of the IRS. Criminal charges can often lead to prison and we are fully aware with what is at stake; therefore, the best defense to avoiding criminal charges is to minimize the risk of a criminal referral out of a civil examination.

EDD Audit Representation

EDD Tax Audits usually lead to an assessment of unpaid payroll taxes, income tax and penalties. Often these assessments cover a period of multiple years and can range from a few thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, which the owners of the business are personally liable to pay. Once the assessment is issued you have a small window of time to challenge it before it becomes permanent.

Dallo Law Group can provide you with an EDD appeal attorney to dispute an EDD audit and file a petition with the Appeals Board so that you can avoid overpayments. We understand that the EDD assessments could feel draining and like the end of the world to business owners. We will remain in your corner every step of the way to ensure you get a favorable outcome after the appeal hearing.

FTB Audit Representation

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) administers and enforces individual and corporate income tax rules in the state. If you have received a letter from them, it is time to act. In a California tax audit, the FTB uses many procedures that are modeled after the IRS procedures in order to administer, examine, and collect taxes from California residents. It is easy for taxpayers to become frustrated by a state tax audit but with the right tax attorney representing you, it can be an easier process. Our expert San Diego tax attorneys at Dallo Law Group can assist you in navigating the course, because the FTB has a variety of tools at its disposal to collect on accounts, and it may be more aggressive and more overwhelming to work with than the IRS.