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Common IRS & California Tax Problems: How We Can Help

There are deep and murky waters when it comes to dealing with the IRS and the unwanted attention this agency sends out. It seems that no one is immune to some kind of tax issue at least every once in a while–whether you are a corporation entity, own a small business, or even just an average income individual. Whoever you may be or whatever entity you may own, the common denominator amongst all the folks who have been contacted by the IRS is that they want an efficient solution to their tax problem.

Here is where Dallo Law Group can help. Our team consists of tax attorneys and CPAs who all make it our business to stay on top of the latest news, trends, and statutes of anything pertaining to tax. Our diversity and long history in assisting clients puts us at an advantage to deliver the best advice and guidance to our clients. Among the different expertise our professionals at Dallo Law Group can provide you with tax resolution include:

  • IRS Tax Payment Plans –

    Luckily, the IRS accepts some different forms of payment plans that you can utilize once you find out that you owe money. There are short term plans (less than 6 months) and long term plans. Payments can be set up for automatic withdrawal, and some have a set up fee, while others do not. Whatever your situation is, we provide you with the best solution.

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC) –

    Submitting an OIC to the IRS is a formal process where the IRS will accept less than the amount you owe on a tax bill and call it even. Under certain circumstances, the agency may even just wipe out the full back taxes you owe. We can assist you in calculating your net realizable value of your assets and your available future income to determine the right OIC you should submit.

  • Innocent Spouse –

    Joint tax filers are both liable for taxes owed on their filed tax returns. If there is an audit or an unpaid balance, both taxpayers are responsible for paying the balance owed. That fact can create a whole lot of trouble for back taxes owed, including penalties and interest for the spouse that was not really liable. Requesting innocent spouse relief can be a tough battle, as much information can be subjective. Dallo Law Group can help you through the investigation process and even appeal the findings if needed.

  • Lien Removal –

    If you fail to pay a tax debt, the IRS can place a federal tax lien against your property. This process is done by filing a public document called a Notice of Federal Tax Lien to alert creditors that the government now has a legal right to your property. To make matters worse, any property you buy after the lien is filed is still subject to the lien; that is why it is imperative to seek resolution as soon as possible.

  • Help with Unfiled Tax Returns –

    Whatever the reason for your unfiled taxes, you need to take this problem very seriously. The IRS is becoming quite skilled at finding non-filers. Even if they have not found you yet, they will, and you may face very serious consequences if you continue to ignore the situation. Tax collection enforcement can come in the form of levies, liens, wage garnishments, and even seizure of your future social security payments. Even if you have not been contacted by the IRS yet, your unfiled tax returns will get back to you. Reach out to our firm at Dallo Law Group to get you straight before things spiral out of control.

Help With Tax Audits

Naturally, receipt of an audit notice can be a frightening situation especially because it may not go in your favor. Situations you may be facing after an audit include tax penalties, interest payments and for some even criminal charges. The thought of it can cause many sleepless nights. That’s where Dallo Law Group can help. Our team has an abundance of experience with all phases of an audit.

IRS Tax Audits –

It is never a good idea to just simply agree with what the IRS states and go with it to just simply get the audit over with. If you do that, it is rare that things will ever be to your favor. Our skilled attorneys at Dallo Law Group know what rights you are entitled to and we will ensure that the IRS does not take advantage of the fact that you may not be in the know of all these finer details. We will analyze your unique financial and tax situation and lead you through with the best defense strategy.

California Sales Tax and BOE Audits –

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), formerly the California Board of Equalization (BOE) has been increasing its sales and use tax audits of small and medium-sized California companies many of them turn out to be sales tax fraud audits. With a sales or use tax audit the agency is looking for two things: taxable sales and taxable purchases that were not properly taxed. If you are unsure about what your audit notice wants you to gather up, Dallo Law Group can assist.

California FTB Audits –

An FTB audit is a formal inspection of your books and records in connection with your personal or business tax returns and the reason behind it is to ensure that you as the taxpayer are accurately reporting any income received and any expenses incurred during the tax year in question. In order to handle an FTB audit correctly, hiring our attorneys at Dallo Law Group will ensure a smooth and efficient way to get through.

Criminal Tax Issues

Another area Dallo Law Group can help is with criminal tax problems. If you commit tax evasion or tax fraud, the IRS can prosecute you and send you to jail. Underreporting income, inflating deductions, and hiding money can bring you hefty IRS penalties and even criminal charges. Your safest bet is to seek out a tax attorney who can defend you best.

International Tax Help

Dallo Law Group provides comprehensive tax service that will maximize tax savings and ensure perfect compliance with international tax laws. When laws are pertinent outside the borders of the United States, you definitely want tax attorneys who know the latest foreign tax regulations that can strategize planning and savings for you. Our lawyers and CPAs are well aware of treaties, regional tax issues, and global restructuring.

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