Stephanie Vargas
Stephanie Vargas


Stephanie Vargas is a dynamic and dedicated Legal Assistant at Dallo Law Group. Here she plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations and exceptional client service. With a passion for administrative excellence and a diverse skill set, Stephanie is the go-to person for managing client interactions, inquiries, and a wide range of administrative tasks.

With four years of previous work experience in a law firm, Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role here. Her previous roles in the legal field encompassed responsibilities such as case management (specifically in Unlawful Detainers), assisting with client consultations, onboarding clients, preparing Discovery and Trial exhibits for attorneys, and maintaining crucial communication with the San Diego Court clerks and Sheriff’s Department.

Currently, Stephanie is on the path to furthering her education and is pursuing her Associate of Arts (AA) in Legal Studies at San Diego Mesa College. Her long-term goal is to obtain her bachelor’s degree, showcasing her commitment to professional development.

Stephanie is also a National Society of Legal Technology (NSLT) Certified professional, highlighting her proficiency in leveraging technology for more efficient legal operations. Additionally, her fluency in Spanish makes her a valuable asset for clients with diverse language needs.

Outside of her professional life, Stephanie is an explorer with a liking for trying new things. She’s an avid foodie, reveling in the culinary delights of San Diego, where she’s always on the lookout for the latest restaurant openings. Stephanie shares her adventures with her beloved dog, Noni, who accompanies her on many outings.

Stephanie’s love for reading led her to start a book club at her previous workplace, showcasing her commitment to fostering intellectual engagement. When the seasons change, so do her hobbies; she enjoys surfing in the summer and snowboarding or skiing in the winter, making the most of what Southern California has to offer.

Stephanie Vargas’s combination of professional expertise, dedication to client satisfaction, and a vibrant personality makes her an invaluable asset to the Dallo Law Group team and an outstanding resource for clients seeking top-notch administrative support and service.


  • San Diego Mesa College


  • NSLT (National Society of Legal technology) Certified