Beth Reddy
Data Analyst
Beth Reddy


Beth Reddy is a highly skilled data analyst with a strong background in automations, backend software development, and statistical analysis. She have a Bachelor of Science in Statistics with an emphasis in Data Science and her specialties include APIs, Excel VBA, math modeling, and statistical analysis.

At Dallo Law Group, she works on automations, backend software development, and writing formulas for ERC calculations. Her expertise in Excel and statistical analysis enables her to provide valuable insights and strategic recommendations to support the firm’s legal strategies.

Clients can expect professionalism and expert knowledge of the firm’s software and Excel when working with Beth Reddy. With her strong attention to detail and analytical skills, she is dedicated to providing high-quality service and achieving positive outcomes for clients.

In her free time, Beth Reddy enjoys surfing, practicing Jiu Jitsu, and hiking. She believe that staying active and pursuing her passions helps her maintain a healthy work-life balance and brings a fresh perspective to her work.


  • San Diego State University