Michael Dallo Becomes Certified Specialist in Tax Law

Michael Dallo Becomes Certified Specialist in Tax Law

Dallo Law Group is overjoyed to announce that our principle attorney, Michael Dallo, has officially earned the title: Certified Tax Specialist in Tax Law (State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization). As many of you may know, this certification process is a long and arduous endeavor and one which very few attorneys attempt. In fact, the state of California has a very limited number of these professionals who fulfilled the requirements and earned this distinction.

Once satisfaction is deemed and granted to a candidate you can be assured that this attorney is the most qualified to help you in your tax matters. Michael has a substantial track record for handling this area of law including both a CPA license as well as a J.D.; however, with his new title of certified tax specialist in tax law, he is now among only a few others at such a high standing. We are elated to have him as our head at Dallo Law Group. Our clients too can turn to him for advice and expertise and be certain that his guidance is sound and current. In addition, coupled with his many years of practicing tax law, you can be certain that Michael has handled all areas of these statutes.

In order to meet the considerations needed to become a Certified Specialist in Tax Law, an attorney must either have earned a Masters of Laws (LLM) in Taxation or taken and passed a full-day written examination in tax law administered by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. In addition, a candidate must have adequate tax law experience where utilization of knowledge is evident and consistent. Continued education requirements should be current; and finally, a candidate must gather recommendations from peers in the field (i.e. other attorneys and judges) who are familiar with their tax work. In sum, those who seek consideration must satisfy educational and experience requirements and have a good documented standing with law professionals.

Once the State Bar of California grants a legal specialization, those requesting this kind of professional can easily identify attorneys with this tax law proficiency. It also establishes a means to maintain and continually gain further competence in this field. There is no doubt that tax law is both multifaceted and hardly ever static. It requires continuous ways to keep current and a keen ability to adapt to new statutes. According to the State Bar of California, these following criteria can be expected from a Certified Specialist in Tax Law:

  • High level tax planning strategies
  • Comprehensive written tax opinions
  • Construction and execution of tax plans
  • Diverse guidance in all aspects of tax law including business, estates, real estates, among others

Moreover, probably the best benefit to hiring an attorney such as Michael for your tax law issue is that you will be working with a professional who is garnered to be at the very top of this area of law. Dallo Law Group gains a high level distinction in tax law with its founder’s additional recognition by the California State Bar. Michael is knowledgeable and also easy to communicate with and talented in ways of finding resolutions. No one wants a long and tedious law matter. That’s why efficiency and proficiency have always been top priority to Michael as he approaches his practice’s cases.

Of the 200,000+ practicing attorneys in California, only a very small percentage have earned the Certified Specialist in Taxation Law designation, which makes us even more proud of our founder, Michael, here at Dallo Law Group. As a natural overachiever and exceptionally brilliant professional, it seems only fitting that Michael has earned yet another distinction. If you require representation for an IRS matter, you can gain peace of mind working with Michael and know that his education and expertise will live up to your highest expectations. Once again, please join us in congratulating Michael on his latest achievement!