How to Deal with IRS Back Taxes

When tax season is in full swing, chances are you are either a person anxiously awaiting a refund or you are among those in the population who owe the IRS.  The worse of the two is when you actually think you have paid enough into the IRS throughout the year, only to find out that in actuality, you...

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Social Security Tax: The Real Job Killer

As tax professionals, we have drafted many small business returns. In this profession, you start to notice patterns that emerge. One thing we’ve noticed in this economy is there are a vast number of people filing self-employment income for the first time. Self-employment is a wonderful way to free...

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Tax-Time: Beware of Identity Theft

With tax season once again upon us, protecting your identity is imperative.  Identity thieves, particularly around this time of year, begin to emerge and scope out victims.  Because of easy accessibility to personal information, identity theft now affects millions of people every year.  In a nuts...

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