Can the IRS put me in jail?

Power. Some of us have it and most of us fear it. But we fear power most when an entity can yield it over us. Most times when someone receives a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), their heart skips a beat, heart palpitations begin, and clammy hands take over. Why do we fear the IRS? Pow...

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Cautionary Tale: Failing to File a Tax Return

As tax time begins to once again loom over us, there are those who have already filed their yearly tax returns and there are others who are still in the process of gathering up their paperwork to do so in the next few weeks. Almost everyone knows and expects this yearly responsibility some with trep...

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Criminal Tax: What is Willfulness?

The assessment and collection of taxes is a complex undertaking. Just perusing the IRS tax code will certainly attest to this fact. Since the government’s establishment of collecting taxes, there has always been a good majority of the tax payer populace that looks for ways to avoid paying taxes. ...

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