Carlsbad Tax Attorney & CPA


Carlsbad Tax Attorney & CPA

Why You Might Need a Tax Attorney

You should constantly be thinking about how to best optimize your tax situation. This includes compliance with tax rules and if ever needed, the most efficient way to handle any tax disputes with the IRS or state agencies that may have arisen. A skilled tax attorney may be your best bet to keep you compliant, current, and provide strategies for your financial goals. Whether you own a business, have international ventures, or have gotten behind in your tax filings, a skilled tax attorney can help you avoid or overcome your tax problems.

Our Award-Winning, Hard Hitting Tax Attorneys Fight for You

The team at Dallo Law Group consists of award-winning and hard hitting tax attorneys and CPAs who are at your disposal. We are known for our passion and expertise in all areas of tax law, with particular passion to get things right with tax dispute and resolution cases. Founder Michael Dallo is a public educator with an abundance of appearances on radio programs where he answers questions on everything tax-related; he is also a tax law professor. The professionals at Dallo Law Group are expertly varied and creative in handling cases. The broad range of knowledge gives us a large firm feel, but with the important personal touch to make you comfortable and always up to date with the progression of your case.

Federal Tax Compliance and IRS Representation

If you have ever received a much dreaded tax notice or audit letter from the IRS, you know what kind of major downer it can be. When you or your business have serious tax complications, the IRS and other tax agencies can make your life miserable to put it mildly. These sorts of burdens should never be tackled on your own. There are many statutes and intricacies that the average person could never understand. Here is where partnering with us can give you the best tax representation and put your mind at ease.

How We Can Help with Issues with the IRS

When you retain Dallo Law Group, you are guaranteed an expert to step in and become your tax champion. As your authorized representative, we will communicate with taxation authorities on your behalf, provide information and explanations, and will even enter into agreements with the IRS or state on your behalf. Moreover, our team can assist you in establishing reasonable cause and advise you on seemingly untenable or costly encounters with tax collection agencies.

IRS Audit Defense

You should never face the IRS alone, especially when it comes to an impending tax audit. We can defend both federal and California state income tax returns, including those filed late. Essentially, when it comes to audits, we put a shield between you and the IRS. We will handle all correspondence and help resolve your audit in as little time as possible.

Address Tax Negligence or Fraud 

Whether you made a careless mistake or intentionally deceived the IRS, it is never a good idea to go at it alone. You never know when the IRS may decide to prosecute you on a civil or criminal level. We can help with simple tax oversights to complex tax legal cases.

Negotiation of Payment Agreements and Offers in Compromise 

The IRS has some repayment options for you, and one is the IRS Offer in Compromise which you may consider if you are faced with a huge tax debt. You can reduce the total amount that you owe, which should make you breathe a bit easier. We can assist you with our top notch negotiation techniques and even wipe out your tax debt completely.

Release of Levies and Liens 

Liens and levies are tools the IRS uses to collect back taxes. If you have missed paying your tax balance, the IRS sends a series of notices to try to collect the back taxes then it starts enforced collection actions, including tax liens and levies. The good news is you definitely have options in tax lien removal and tax levy release. With our understanding of tax rules, we are your trusted IRS advisor.

Unfiled Tax Returns 

Our staff can help you catch up on your unfiled tax returns, no matter where you happen to reside. Remember, the IRS has no deadline on when they can collect on you, so if you have unfiled tax returns, it is best to address the problem sooner rather than later. So before you have to face the consequences, including due process, it is best to hire us as your legal representation to help you mitigate compounded penalties.

Appeals and Protest Hearings 

After an IRS audit, if the taxpayer disagrees with the outcome, the taxpayer may appeal his or her case to the Appeals Office of the IRS, rather than head straight to court. In that case, the taxpayer requests an Appeals conference, which is an informal meeting with the Appeals Office personnel, within the time limits specified in the audit findings letter. At this stage it is imperative that you seek counsel by an experienced tax attorney at the earliest possible time. Doing so can protect your rights while also ensuring the best possible outcome.

Other Expert Tax Legal Services

Besides the diverse areas Dallo Law Group can assist that are mentioned above, we also have extensive knowledge in many other topics:

Business Tax Help 

Getting good business tax help will translate into tax savings and the best planning for the goals you want from your enterprise. Year long, we provide information and advice that can help ease tax season and prepare you for any surprises.

Foreign Bank Accounts 

We can represent clients nationwide and even worldwide. In the past we have aided clients with tax amnesty or other options that alleviated their foreign tax concerns. The important thing is to be in compliance with federal laws when it comes to foreign bank accounts and our expertise can ensure that.

California Tax Help 

When faced with problems with the federal or state tax authority for any number of reasons such as because you failed to file a return, or you did not calculate your tax bill properly, or you filed late, or for any other reason, we certainly can help.

EDD Representation 

Our attorneys can dispute an EDD audit and file a petition with the Appeals Board so that you can avoid overpayments. We understand EDD assessments and how they can affect small business owners.

Criminal Tax Services 

We have represented clients who were being investigated by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. Our approach enables us to objectively assess the
government’s case, advise you of your alternatives, and vigorously assert available defenses
on your behalf.

We Fight for You: Schedule a Free Consultation with One of Our Experienced Carlsbad Tax Attorneys

With genuine passion and empathy for our clients and a strong desire to help them, our professionals at Dallo Law Group have the singular focus of going above and beyond the attorney-client relationship to free you from the burden of your tax problems. We serve clients throughout San Diego and Orange County. Our experienced team of tax law professionals will work to figure out what options exist for you for tax resolution. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.