Why Hire A Tax Attorney?

Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney for IRS Problems

DalloEditSelects_0015There is an old adage that goes: he who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client; these are wise words to remember. Despite the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to represent yourself in front of the IRS, to do so may be detrimental to your situation. Notwithstanding the emotional rollercoaster ride you will surely be on during the entire process, you may also be setting traps for yourself through exposure to risks and near financial insolvency.

Because a tax attorney has thorough tax knowledge and much experience dealing with the IRS in myriad cases that encompass vast areas of law, one of the most prudent decisions you could make is to hire an IRS audit attorney when facing a tax audit or any other tax investigation.. Anyone who has communicated with the IRS in the past will tell you that the agency is consistently difficult to find negotiate with. The red tape, along with the heavy backlog that exists, makes it nearly impossible for the average person to seek resolution. Finally, given the tight deadlines that are imposed on IRS notices, it is practical to seek appropriate legal counsel at the start.

The Many Advantages

Probably one of the greatest advantages of hiring a tax attorney is to ensure your best interests are sought after. The fact of the matter is that unless you are an expert in tax law and with communicating with the IRS, you probably do not know your rights and what is fully at stake. Only a seasoned and knowledgeable tax attorney would have such expertise. Furthermore, it is imperative that you hire such a person if you are in one of these predicaments:

  • IRS Audit: A tax attorney will be able to negotiate the best settlement for you and in some cases may even nearly eliminate the whole debt.
  • Criminal Charges: If these charges are serious enough, it could mean there is a possibility to land in jail or face extensive fines; therefore legal representation is absolutely necessary.
  • Stress: One of the biggest advantages of having an attorney is that you no longer have to communicate with the IRS, which will eliminate much of the dread and anxiety that goes along with that. You receive the peace of mind you deserve.

Furthermore, a savvy tax attorney has the capability of identifying and explaining the discrepancies that are under investigation in your case. Because supporting documentation is so important as well as the aptitude to reconstruct and assess the background that went into your numbers, choosing the right tax attorney is key to getting the right settlement.

Dallo Law Group

If you want to have the best possible representation for an IRS problem, it becomes imperative to have a professional who has advanced training in taxation. Our attorneys at Dallo Law Group are licensed certified public accountants and hold master of laws degrees in tax. Therefore, not only are they lawyers, but they are also experts in IRS statutes and state tax regulations.

Besides the fact that or attorneys have the educational background, our abundant and diverse experience with cases all the way from simple audit processes to tax evasion and fraud, have given us familiarity and the essential confidence to take on any IRS matter. Most importantly, we can help you by customizing resolution that is tailored according to your unique circumstances.   There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach in tax complexities.

Moreover, we offer a free consultation, where we will meet face-to-face in order to understand your conditions. During that time we usually discuss ways that we can help and explain to you what can be expected. We pride ourselves in giving our clients their peace of mind back once again, while getting everything right with the IRS. Reach out to us today for a timely meeting and let Dallo Law Group give you the peace of mind you deserve.