Dallo Law Group Wins on Innocent Spouse Claim!

At the end of the financial crisis, our taxpayer was tricked into signing a tax return that owed more than $80,000 they could not pay. No sooner was the ink dry on the tax return than the spouse filed for divorce. Over time, this debt grew to over $100,000, leaving the taxpayer stuck with a bill the...

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Taxpayer Pays $1,450 to Settle a $30,000 Debt!

IRS tries to seize taxpayer assets, garnish wages At the beginning of 2015, our taxpayer owed more than $30,000 in back taxes and was going to owe more for 2014. The government was threatening to garnish his wages and seize his bank accounts. The proposed garnishment was going to put the taxpayer...

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Appealed Tax Bill of Over $104,000 (plus penalties) and Settled for $13,000!

A small family owned business was the target of an IRS audit claiming they had underreported gross receipts and owe over $104,000 in additional taxes and penalties.  The restaurant had already closed down the business and there was no way they could satisfy the outstanding tax debt.  After bei...

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Successful OVDI Resulted in $6k of Penalties Instead of $150k

Taxpayer had several bank accounts in Ukraine which he failed to disclose for several years.  Failure to disclose foreign bank accounts to the IRS could result in jail time and civil penalties of up to 50% of the balance in the accounts PER YEAR.  That could have totaled over $150,000 of penaltie...

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Removed Old IRS Tax Debt and Stopped Collections!

Taxpayer owed a significant amount of money to the IRS for some very old tax years.  Because so much time had passed, the Taxpayer actually owed more in penalties and interest than the actual tax debt alone.  The IRS had been levying his bank accounts for several years and the lien made it impossi...

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$600,000 Tax Bill Reduced to ZERO

Taxpayer received a letter from the IRS claiming that they owed OVER $600,000 to the IRS and had no idea why. Taxpayers were completely distraught at the prospect that their entire lives would be ruined for something they knew nothing about. There was no way that the Taxpayers could afford to pay an...

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