How to Deal with IRS Back Taxes

When tax season is in full swing, chances are you are either a person anxiously awaiting a refund or you are among those in the population who owe the IRS.  The worse of the two is when you actually think you have paid enough into the IRS throughout the year, only to find out that in actuality, you...

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Why Hire A Tax Attorney?

Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney for IRS Problems There is an old adage that goes: he who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client; these are wise words to remember. Despite the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to represent yourself in front of the IRS, to do so may be detrimental to your...

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The Need for Tax Attorneys for Tax Resolution

Sometimes during life there are particular circumstances that you may face that require the expertise of a tax attorney.  In fact, any IRS tax matter can be complicated and crucial enough where outside help in resolving it is makes the only sense.  Moreover, depending on what is at stake, you shou...

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Attorney-Client Privilege in Tax Practice

Most individuals whether they have been sent a dreaded letter from the IRS concerning a tax audit, or may need advice in the areas of financial matters, tax planning, or other money strategies, turn to their long time accountant or CPA for discussions. Knocking on this person’s door is of course u...

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