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Dallo Law Group is a boutique tax law firm that focuses exclusively on tax problem resolution.  Founder Michael Dallo is a San Diego tax attorney who holds an advanced Masters of Laws Degree in Taxation, is a CPA, Certified Tax Law Specialist, and a Professor of Taxation at the University of San Diego.  Michael oversees all the cases that come into the firm and meets with every client.  As a San Diego tax lawyer, he has extensive experience in developing creative legal solutions for your tax problems.  As a CPA, he is never blind-sided by twists on tax returns. When it matters, be sure your representative has a successful track record and all the skills needed to stop the IRS and protect your assets. We are consistently rated as one of the best Tax attorneys in San Diego.

When you trust Dallo Law Group to protect your assets and reduce your tax liability, you can rest assured we see the whole picture, never quit, and never accept no for an answer.  We exhaust every possible avenue and honestly keep you informed about what to expect from the IRS.  Whatever you are facing, our San Diego tax experts have dealt with it before.  Whether you have been notified of an IRS tax audit, want to file an IRS audit appeal, owe back taxes, or have failed to report foreign bank accounts to the IRS, we can help you as we have helped thousands of others.  You have a lot on the line and deserve a fresh start; selecting the right tax lawyer can mean all the difference in solving your tax problems.

When your assets and your future are on the line, you need a dedicated tax law firm with a complete arsenal of weapons to combat the IRS and the State of California.  CPAs don’t have the training in toe-to-toe negotiation and complex legal interpretation that you can expect from a good tax attorney.  But attorneys don’t have the background in analyzing tax returns line by line, which can put them at the mercy of the IRS.  To win the best possible outcome for your case, you need a firm focused only on tax problem resolution, comprised of experienced attorneys and a supervising founder and senior tax experts who are both attorneys and CPAs.

Tax Services

Because we are both tax attorneys and CPAs, we can handle all types of tax resolution cases, from start to finish.  Here are some common tax services that the San Diego tax attorneys of Dallo Law Group provides to our clients:

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